Changes to Cohorts!

Hello Elder Creek Families,

As you might have heard, our district has determined that based on current attendance, many EK-6 classrooms have enough physical space to allow students to attend in-person for four days per week rather than two. Unfortunately, not all of our classrooms have this capacity, based on attendance and the six-foot physical distancing as required by our agreements with labor partners.  

Over the next few days, our teachers will notify those students currently attending in-person who may attend four days per week beginning on May 18. While we are attempting to combine as many cohorts as possible, please know we cannot guarantee that every student will be given the four-day option, including members of the same family and all secondary students. 

If your student is an in-person student and does not receive the invitation to attend four-days per week, please have your student continue attending in the current two-day cohort schedule.

Again, the key takeaways from this message:

  • Some cohorts will be combined to allow students in these classes to attend four days each week.
  • This applies to some classes in K-6
  • We will remain at six-foot physical distancing in our classrooms.
  • We will communicate more information over the coming days.